Celebrity supporters

Kevin Bridges



Kevin Bridges, one of Scotland's highest profile comedians, has generously performed in a Shelter gig with a host of other comedians, which raised nearly £100,000 for Shelter. He has also donated clothes to the Shelter Scotland online auction - a pair of jeans that were made for him during the BBC programme 'Kevin Bridges: What's the Story', plus a signature black suit he wore for his Glasgow SECC sell-out show.

Josie Long


josie long

Josie Long has been a supporter of Shelter Scotland for some time, performing in LOLfest 2011 and 2012, and together with a lot of other comedians, raising thousands of pounds for us. In 2012, she said "Last year’s LOLfest was one of my festival highlights, and I’m sure this year will be no different. I can’t wait to get up on stage to do my bit for Shelter Scotland."

Armando Iannucci

Comedian and broadcaster


Armando Iannucci has supported our call to update the antiquated definition of over-crowding. He produced a bitingly funny viral advertisement about the issue in the style of a mock news article, and gave an interview to Shelter's supporters' magazine.

Amanda Lamb

TV presenter


Amanda Lamb of Channel 4's 'A Place in the Sun' is a dedicated supporter. She raised money for us, and helped homeless people in India, by taking part in Building Futures. She's also the face of M&S Christmas 'food to go', sold in aid of Shelter.

Jon Snow


>John Snow

Long-time Shelter supporter Jon Snow has lent his distinctive voice to an online advert condemning the outdated over-crowding laws. He has also backed Shelter in press adverts and our welcome booklet for new supporters.

Samia Smith


Samia Smith

We have been delighted to have Samia Smith's support for the past few years. The Coronation Street actress has posed in the Shelter red chair, joined in the sponsored 'Walk for Home' in Manchester, and signed our Wall of Shame when it visited North West England.

Colin & Justin

TV presenters

>Colin & Justin

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan of 'How Not To Decorate' have urged the Scottish public to support 'It's time to get a move in' - the campaign to deliver 30,000 affordable homes for rent in Scotland. They also supported the Scottish 'Home is...' campaign, and encouraged shoppers to buy M&S 'food to go', sold in aid of Shelter.

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