Nightmare landlords

Landlord from hell?

If you're having problems with your landlord, you need to know your rights. That way, you'll know what your landlord is and isn't allowed to do. If your landlord is abusing your rights or breaking the law, you can do something about it. You don't need to put up with a nightmare landlord.

What are my rights?

To find out what your rights are, you first need to know what kind of tenancy you have, because different tenants have different rights. Check your tenancy type here, then find out what your rights are in the section on renting rights. You can also read a general overview of tenants' rights here. Remember you don't need a written tenancy agreement to have rights.

Unwelcome visitor?

Landlords are not entitled to breeze in and out of your home whenever they like without giving you notice. If they need to get into the property, for example to do repairs, they should give you notice before coming round.

Being bullied?

If your landlord is making your life a misery and trying to force you out of your home, this is harassment, and it's a criminal offence. Find out more about illegal eviction here. If your landlord's picking on you because of your race or sex, or because you're LGBT or have a disability, you don't have to take it.

If you think your landlord is bullying you or trying to illegally evict you then you should contact the police. Find out more about harassment and illegal eviction here.

Chucked out?

Your landlord can only ask you to move out under certain circumstances, and they have to follow the correct legal procedures - you can find out what these are in the section on eviction. The procedures will differ depending on what kind of tenancy you have.

Safety and repairs

If you're having problems getting your landlord to carry out repairs, check out your rights. Your landlord must make sure your home is safe - don't let them get out of their legal responsibilities.


If your landlord has put your rent up without following the right procedures there may be action you can take. Don't let your landlord get away with it!

Trashed the flat?

Remember, as a tenant you have responsibilities too - like paying your rent, being nice to the neighbours and keeping the property in good condition. If you break or damage anything belonging to your landlord, you'll have to pay for it out of your deposit.

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