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Making complaints

If you've been treated badly by a public body or organisation, or you're not happy with the service you've received from your solicitor, an advice agency or your local council for example, you can make a formal complaint. This section explains how to go about it.

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England
This content applies to Scotland only
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  • Complaining to the council

    What you can complain to your council about, and how to go about it. General tips and things to think about so that you're more prepared when you do complain.

  • Complaining about a landlord

    This page gives some advice on complaining to or about a private landlord if you have a problem. It also looks at how to complain about a landlord renting out private property in your neighbourhood.

  • Complaints to a housing association

    This page gives you some tips and advice on complaining about a housing association or housing cooperative (also known as registered social landlords or RSLs).

  • Complaining about a letting agency

    This page gives some advice and tips if you want to complain about a letting agency (also known as accommodation or management agencies).

  • Complaining about an estate agent

    Get tips if you want to complain about an estate agent. You should complain to the agency first, but if you're not happy with the response, you may be able to take the matter further.

  • Complaining about a mortgage lender

    If you think you have been treated unfairly by a mortgage broker or lender, you may want to make a complaint.

  • Complaining about an advice agency

    This page has information about what you can do if you need to complain about an advice agency.

  • Complaining about a solicitor

    There are certain procedures you should follow if you want to complain about your solicitor. This page explains more.

  • Complaining about an Advocate

    If an advocate has been representing you in a legal case and you want to complain about them, there are certain procedures you'll have to follow.

  • Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

    The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) should provide a straightforward way to complain about the service provided by lawyers in Scotland.

  • Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

    If you made a complaint to an organisation that provides a public service and you're not happy with the response, you may be able to go to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO).

  • Contacting a politician

    If you're not happy with something that's happened to you, you might be able to get a politician to agree with what you're saying and speak on your behalf.

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