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Private Tenant Panel

We are looking to recruit people with experience of renting in the private rented sector to join a Private Tenant Panel.

What is the aim of the Panel?

The aim of the project is to develop a stronger consumer voice for private tenants in Scotland, enhancing tenants' influence on private rented sector policy and practice.  The Panel is one way in which we will work towards this aim.

This is your chance to get involved in an exciting new project.  As a work in progress, we will take on board all feedback - these are YOUR panels!

Who can join the Panel?

Whilst we are planning to recruit a maximum of 10 private tenants onto the Panel, all applicants will be given an opportunity to take part in a variety of ways. If we receive more than 10 applications we will seek to make a representative group.

The Private Tenant Panel is open to anyone currently renting in the private sector.

We are initially recruiting for the Private Tenant Panel for 9 months, after which, if successful, we will recruit for new members, though we anticipate further opportunities for members to stay engaged after each 9 month period.

What will being on the Panel involve?

We ask that panel members are able to commit to a one-day induction meeting (arranged after consultation with panel members), and at least one engagement opportunity a month, for 9 months.  These opportunities and their timing which will be flexible so we should be able to work round any other commitments you might have.  We will discuss possible opportunities and the best form for these (face to face, online or by 'phone) with the Panel when it is formed.

Possible opportunities for engagement

  • Sharing your experiences of renting in the private sector to feed into policy and campaigning work
  • Completion of a questionnaire online
  • Taking part in a survey on the phone
  • User testing new digital content or areas of the website
  • Involvement in Government consultations
  • Opportunity to contribute to a range of campaigning and media work, from anonymous case studies, to radio interviews and podcasts.
  • Feeding in to the design and delivery of a tenant event in Autumn 2017
  • Providing feedback on your experiences with letting agents to influence the design of a new ‘letting agent plus model’, for example identifying potential training requirements
  • Undertaking a ‘mystery shopping’ exercise

Possible methods of engagement

  • Completion of a questionnaire online
  • Taking part in a survey on the phone
  • Attending a workshop in person

Throughout these engagement opportunities, you will be asked to share your views as a private tenant.  Your own opinions and experiences are important here – there is no wrong answer! Some of these opportunities will be planned but there may also be ad hoc requests - you are under no obligation to take part in these additional opportunities.

What about the small print - costs, confidentiality?

Expenses, including refreshments, travel and childcare costs will be covered where required for panel member activity.

Any personal information that you provide will be kept completely confidential according to the Data Protection Act. There may be opportunities for sharing your story and experiences publicly, for example through traditional or mainstream media however you will be under no obligation to take part in this.  Research reports may be published as a part of this work, however, information will never be in a form that can reveal your identity.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Lisa:, 0344 515 2469.

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