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Our volunteers are the golden thread running through Shelter Scotland

Volunteers are integral to our fight against bad housing and homelessness. At Shelter Scotland, volunteers extend our capabilities well beyond what we could acheive alone.

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Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for all that they do to support our work

Volunteers support our work in a variety of roles

From legal admin to advocacy to campaigning, our volunteers all help in our fight against homelessness and bad housing.

Read Simon’s story below to see how volunteers support our work:

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Here's Simon's Story


Simon is evicted from his flat due to housing arrears. He suffers from depression and is socially isolated.

He visits our website and speaks to an Online Chat volunteer about his situation.


He is invited to visit his local Community Hub where his needs are assessed by a Hub Support Volunteer. He is then given an appointment with an advisor.

He is advised to present as homeless to his local authority, and is supported to do this by an Assisted Presentation Volunteer. He is given temporary accomodation.

"As someone who has lived experience of homelessness and knows the barriers that people face, I chose to seek out voluntary work specific to homelessness. From learning about the legislation, how the local authorities work in dealing with it, doing assisted presentations and outreach work in Glasgow, I'm picking up a new set of skills that will benefit me in my goal of attaining employment in this sector."
- Robert, assisted presentation volunteer
men's shed

To help him overcome social isolation, he is invited to come along to the Men's Shed where he can get peer support and learn new skills from a number of volunteers.

They help members in the community with odd jobs or help each other learn new skills.

They were lovely guys. They did a great job putting up blinds and it was tough job.

They were patient and kind despite noise of the kids running around in the background and my own stress.

The kids will sleep better through summer nights with the blackout blinds on the windows, it would never have happened without them. Thanks again.

shelter shop

Through his support from Shelter Scotland, he is able to secure a new tenancy. he visits the local Shelter Scotland shop to buy some furniture - served by a volunteer.

shelter shop
Campaigners speakerphone

He becomes a volunteer with the Campaigns, Marketing and Policy departments, advising on new services and sharing his story in external communications.

"Volunteers are reported to contribute over £2 billion to the Scottish economy each year, and play a vital role in helping Scotland’s communities to thrive."
Read more from Sarah, Volunteer Development Manager at Shelter Scotland.

"With a little effort, I feel like I made a big difference."
Laura shares a story from her volunteer work at our Tolcross shop in Edinburgh.

"I became a volunteer after experiencing homelessness myself. Having the opportunity to use this experience to help other people is a gift. Volunteering allows me to do something I’m passionate about while making new friends, accessing training opportunities and learning new skills; it’s something I will always be involved in."
- Suzanne, volunteer


See what volunteering opportunities are currently available.

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