This photography exhibition has been created by student photographers from the department of Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art. Its aim is to tell the story about the work Shelter Scotland does in Scotland today, the people we support and the impact of the current housing crisis.

The students have worked with our staff, clients, shop staff and volunteers across Scotland to understand how and why Shelter Scotland supports people in housing need and why we are still fighting until there's a home for everyone.

Erin Brown, photographer. Glasgow School of Art.

Erin Brown

Erin specialises in photography at The Glasgow School of Art and has a particular interest in the documentary filmmaking genre. Within her practice, Erin relishes the immersive research and interviewing process, getting to know real people and giving them the opportunity to share their stories when no other platform may be available to them. This is ultimately what drives her in her creative practice.

Website: Erin's website

Instagram: Erin's Instagram

Keri Hannah

Keri is a Communication Design student in her final year at Glasgow School of Art. Specialising in photography, Keri’s interests encompass a diverse spectrum, ranging from documentary landscape to constructed studio-based imagery.

Instagram: Keri's Instagram

Keri Hannah, photographer. Glasgow School of Art.

Melissa Mitchell, photographer. Glasgow School of Art.

Melissa Mitchell

Melissa is a photographer living and working in Glasgow. She has recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art achieving a BA (Hons) in Communication Design as a photographic specialist. During her time at art school, she has honed her technical skills as a photographer in order to create effective visual languages to communicate complex ideas.

Yeong Yao Ting

Yao is a documentary photographer and alumna of The Glasgow School of Art. Prior to her academic pursuit in photography, she was in Singapore's dynamic, fast-growing advertising industry for 3 years. Yao's work is deeply rooted in exploring the human condition, with a focus on social issues, relationships between people and nature, and dissecting the mental and physical psyche. Her most recent work dives into equine therapy and issues of homelessness in Scotland.

Website: Yeong's website

Yeong Yao Ting, photographer. Glasgow School of Art.

Izzy Leach, photographer. Glasgow School of Art.

Izzy Leach

Izzy Leach is a multidisciplinary artist/designer based in Glasgow. She is interested in constructing narratives through filmmaking, photography and graphic design. Currently studying Communication Design, Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.

Campaigning #stillfighting. Photograph by Jack Mercer.

A photograph by Jack Mercer.

Jack Mercer

Jack is a student at the Glasgow School of Art and is currently studying in his final year of Communication Design, where he specialises in photography. His work mainly focuses on portraiture, and his practice is mainly based in Documentary photography as well as Fashion photography.

Instagram: Jack's Instagram

Email: Jack's email

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