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Shelter Scotland Shops

We have 37 Shelter Scotland shops in Scotland which help raise essential funds for Shelter Scotland’s support services and campaigning activity. We have an amazing group of volunteers who generously give their time in our shops to support our work.

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Previously an Intensive Care Nurse, Jackie has been volunteering with Shelter Scotland for two years. Having moved back to the UK from New Zealand, Jackie was particularly taken aback by the increasing prevalence of homelessness in the UK and felt very strongly about wanting to give something back to her community as a volunteer.

Photograph by Melissa Mitchell


Gerry has been volunteering for a year. He spends five days a week volunteering for Shelter Scotland and two days for the British Heart Foundation. He started volunteering at the recommendation of a friend and has done so ever since. Gerry especially enjoys the social element of working in a shop and enjoys meeting new people.

Photograph by Melissa Mitchell


French student Chloe moved to Scotland to complete her degree in neuroscience. After struggling to find a summer job due to a lack of experience, Chloe started volunteering with Shelter Scotland. She has gained valuable skills and she has also enjoyed meeting new people and the sense of satisfaction from doing her part to support her community.

Photograph by Melissa Mitchell