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Time For Change - Reaching out in to the Glasgow community

Our Glasgow Community Hub is a one-stop-shop for anyone who is homeless, facing homelessness or needs advice about a housing related problem. We recognise that we need to make our advice accessible to people across Glasgow, so our housing advisers and trainees also work in the community with partner organisations taking housing advice and support to people at various outreach sites across the city.

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Leonie is a Shelter Scotland Time for Change trainee in Glasgow. The trainees have all experienced homelessness themselves, and they receive training to work alongside people who need housing advice and support. Leonie meets with clients in various locations like the 218 project to help them with their housing problems and she can also support them when they are making their homeless application.

Photograph by Izzy Leach

Just having a roof over your head is not enough

Fiona attended the drop-in session at the 218 project and shared her story about her housing situation. After struggling with homelessness for 6 years, Fiona managed to find a permanent home. However, due to a severe problem with antisocial behaviour from her neighbours, she and her young family struggled to cope in their new home and to find the help they needed to resolve the situation.

Photograph by Izzy Leach

Housing advice drop-in session

Women at the housing advice drop-in session at the 218 project talking to Leonie, our Time For Change trainee. These drop-in sessions are an important way for the women to discuss their housing problems and to receive support from Shelter Scotland staff and trainees.

Photograph by Izzy Leach