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Private Renters' Voice Project

The Private Renters’ Voice Project is a new project designed to support private renters by ensuring that they are aware of their rights and know what steps to take to enforce them – and have the knowledge and confidence to guide future changes in private rented sector policy and practice.

What do we offer?

  • Training & advice to tenant groups
  • Support to resolve a common issue affecting tenants
  • Information & assistance to make sure tenants know who to contact and how if they have a tenancy matter
  • Resources to enable tenant groups to take actions to seek to improve the private rented sector further

The number of households in the private rented sector has tripled since 1999. Private renting is now home to an increasing number of families, students and low-income groups. In response to this growth there has been a need to bring private renting up to date.

Shelter Scotland has been heavily involved in campaigning for changes to private renting. This includes the new Private Residential Tenancy with improved security and stability for renters, a new tribunal to resolve private tenancy disputes and letting agent regulation with a new Code of Practice which tenants should expect from a letting agent.

These changes are important steps in improving the private rented sector but there’s more to do. There is a need to make sure that renters’ voices drive policy and practice change in a sustainable way. We also need to make sure tenants are aware of and feel able to use the remedies available to them.

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If you are part of a private tenant group or a private renter interested in private renting issues then get in touch with our forum to discuss this further:

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