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Housing advice across the UK

Shelter Scotland offers housing advice across the whole of Scotland.

What is the relationship between Shelter England and Shelter Scotland?

Shelter Scotland and Shelter England are separate operating divisions of Shelter, providing services, campaigns, policy, web content, media and training independently.    

Even before devolution and the setting up of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, Scottish housing and homelessness issues were dealt with in Scotland. Shelter Scotland focuses its attention exclusively on the Scottish political scene, ensuring that we are effective both north and south of the border.  

Why do you have separate English and Scottish websites?

Because English and Scottish housing laws are different, and the challenges we face in the two countries are not the same, we need to offer you advice, policy and campaigning information that’s tailored to the country you’re in.

Please make sure you are on the correct website, particularly if you are viewing housing advice. Whether you are viewing the English or Scottish site is highlighted in red in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Find Shelter England's Get advice pages.

Find Shelter Scotland's Get advice pages.

Does Shelter operate in Wales and Northern Ireland?

Shelter doesn’t operate in Wales and Northern Ireland, but is affiliated to Shelter Cymru and works closely with the Housing Rights Service in Northern Ireland, particularly on their Housing Advice NI website.