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Our strategy

Our vision

We want to focus on our core belief, that everyone should have a safe, secure and affordable home.

We will strive every day to give people the help they need and campaign relentlessly to achieve our vision of a home for everyone.

To do this we will:

  • Speak out with and on behalf of homeless and badly housed people across Scotland by campaigning for housing justice.
  • Deliver a range of services which are based on the principles of Prevention, Personalisation and Partnership.
  • Involve and engage our service users in our campaigns and in shaping our services and focus our services development and capacity through our four city hubs.
  • Improve our digital presence by making it easier for people to access us online, by providing engaging and personalised content. We shall continue to improve our telephone helpline responsiveness.
  • Foster passion, imagination and strong performance among all staff to improve the lives of people who are badly housed or homeless

Read the Shelter Scotland 2015-18 strategy

Our values


We are not afraid to set the agenda or challenge the status quo. We want to make an impact and we will make sure our voice, and the voice of those we help, is heard.


We have a fundamental belief in social justice, fairness and a place to call home. That drives us to find solution and means we won't give up until we achieve our vision.


We focus on how to make a difference and achieve sustainable change for individuals, families and the wider society. We choose our battles and we fight them in public and behind the scenes.


We bring expert knowledge, experience and talent together to help us achieve our goal.

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