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Resources for empty homes practitioners

Support, guides and tools to help you work with empty home owners.

Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network

It can be difficult to share good practice between councils, partners, or even internal organisational departments. As well as dedicated Empty Homes Officers, empty homes work can include a range of different council staff from Housing Strategy through to Planning and Environmental Health. It also often involves working with partner organisations such as Housing Associations, Building Preservation Trusts and private companies. In order to facilitate connections between officers who work with empty homes or who have an interest in working with empty homes we facilitate an online community called the Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network.

The network communicates primarily by email and web discussion forum, but there are opportunities to meet face to face at seminars and workshops organised to address particular issues of interest to network members. If you would like more information about joining our network please get in touch with Shaheena Din at

Advice and Collaboration

Part of the role of the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership is to do the work and research to gather ideas and good practice that can help councils to consider new ways of approaching the issue of empty homes.

The Scottish Empty Homes Partnership can support your council by:

  • Meeting with you to discuss your particular local issues regarding empty homes;
  • Gather appropriate best practice examples and information;
  • Provide input and comment on draft strategies/policies;
  • Facilitate partnership working;
  • Arrange seminars/training on particular topics related to empty homes work;
  • Train new empty homes staff.

Guides & Information for Empty Homes Practitioners

Below are some of the guides and tools available for Empty Homes Practitioners from the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership.  There are many more on a range of practical topics on the Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network's electronic site hosted on the Knowledge Hub.  Along with guides and tools there is also a vast library of case studies and the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from other professionals undertaking empty homes work just like you.  For more information about joining the network and getting access to the Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network site on the Knowledge Hub email Shaheena Din at