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Good neighbours?

Everybody needs good neighbours

When you move into a new place, some of your neighbours may assume that because you're young, you're going to behave badly. Try not to give them anything to moan about. Remember that not everybody has the same taste in music as you, or keeps the same hours as you, or wants to trip over your bicycle/rubbish bags/dog every time they leave the house. Read our page on avoiding complaints for more tips on how to be the perfect neighbour.

Neighbours from hell

If your neighbours are keeping you awake all night or, worse still, acting in a threatening way towards you, there are things you can do. Disputes with your neighbours can make life very miserable, so read our page on dealing with antisocial behaviour to find out how you can nip problems in the bud.

Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour is a real buzzword in the news at the moment - but what does it actually mean? Can you really get an ASBO (an antisocial behaviour order) for opening the front door in your underwear? What happens if you get an ASBO? Can you challenge it? What if you can't help the way you behave? Find the answers to these questions and more in the section on antisocial behaviour.

Crime and security

If you're worried that your neighbourhood isn't safe, you may want to improve the security in your home. Our page on crime and security has lots of tips on how to make your home safe, and also explains what you should do if your home is broken into. If there's a neighbourhood watch group in your area, why not think about joining up?

Getting involved

If you care about the community you live in or you'd like to see things improve in your area, why not do something about it by joining your local tenants' or residents' association? In most associations, membership is open to anyone over 16, and many groups will welcome fresh new ideas from young people. From planting flowers to tackling crime, you can make a difference to the neighbourhood you live in.

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