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All Nighter

Thousands of people across the UK have nowhere to call home. When their day ends, they return to temporary lodgings that are cold, damp, crowded and noisy.

Sometimes, they don’t know where their home will be from one week to the next… and neither do their children. With worries as big as this hanging over your head, getting a good night’s sleep is next to impossible.

But what if you could make a real difference to families struggling in temporary and bad housing – just by sacrificing a single night of sleep?

Shelter’s All-nighter event gives you and your colleagues a unique chance to help homeless people: all you have to do is stay awake for one whole night at the office.

So go on; fire up the coffee pot, rent some late-night films and see if you can make it all the way through until dawn.

We've got everything you need, including:

  • a comprehensive how-to guide packed with useful suggestions
  • a selection of All-nighter quiz questions
  • posters and flyers to help you promote your event

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How your money helps

Hover over the amounts to see how your money helps

Could pay for one minute of an emergency call to our helpline.
Could pay for emergency bus fares for three weeks for two children in temporary accommodation.
Could enable us to give 10 families advice to stop them losing their homes.
Could keep our helpline open for one hour, helping 32 families.
Could help 50 homeless families get loans to buy food and clothing.

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