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Faith groups have long provided invaluable support for Shelter Scotland's work. We hope you will join them, helping families currently facing homelessness.

Anne-Marie’s* life was turned upside down when her husband, and the father of her three children, left them.

Anne-Marie’s* life was turned upside down when her husband, and the father of her three children, left them.

Unable to pay the mortgage on her income alone Anne-Marie and her children – then aged one, five and eight, lost their family home and were left with no choice but to make a homelessness application to their local authority.

There were no permanent houses available that were the right size for Anne-Marie and the children, leaving them stuck in temporary accommodation for several years.

Shelter Scotland provided support to Anne-Marie and the children until, after over two years on the waiting list, the family was offered permanent social housing. Anne-Marie says it was their dream home, and meant they could get on with their lives.

We had to wait so long to be permanently housed but once we got it, the house was perfect. It was a three bedroom house with a little garden for the children to play in, but it was also affordable, which meant we didn’t have a black cloud of high rent hanging over us.

Shelter Scotland also helped us to get on our feet by sorting out grants for basics like a toaster and bedding for the children’s room - little touches to make it more comfortable.

After living in limbo for so long I can’t describe the feeling of having a home to call our own again. It was incredible. Social housing is a safety net for so many people. For my family it meant the difference between just existing day-to-day in a house that wasn’t our own and living life to the full, providing the best opportunities for my children, getting back in to work and making the most of it.”

*Name changed

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