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About our 50th Resources

Shelter Scotland is marking its 50th anniversary. More people than ever before are coming to us for help, and we need your support to ensure that we can be there for everyone who needs us. We're asking pupils in Scotland to join us in raising awareness, and taking up the 50p challenge!

The 50p Challenge

These resources are built in line with the curriculum for excellence. They include: an assembly on "home", lesson plans, suggested reading, fundraising ideas, a wallplanner and totaliser poster.

With 50p from all pupils, together we can make a huge difference to homeless families.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on - we can send your class a certificate for their hard work. We've got plenty to get you started - take a look!


If you have concerns that a pupil in your class, or their family, may be going through homelessness, or experiencing bad housing, or poverty as discussed in these resources, please visit our online Get Advice pages or contact us.

Get Involved

There are many ways for your school to get involved with Shelter Scotland: