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Volunteers' Week 2018

A huge number of people who are facing all sorts of housing problems feel powerless and uncertain about what can be done, and as a volunteer, I have learned that equipping people with knowledge can be the most powerful act in the world.
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We want to say a big thank you to all of our volunteers for being Housing Heroes and for continuing to support our work.

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This Volunteers' Week, we are celebrating the fact that all of our volunteers are Housing Heroes! In our 50th year, volunteers continue to play a huge role in our ongoing fight to ensure everyone has a home. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to help as many people affected by bad housing or homelessness.

In 2017/18, 170 volunteers in our frontline services, online chat, law service and our head office contributed over 10,000 hours to support our work. This helped to ensure that 5441 people were able to access information through our online chat service, and that over 70 people were helped to present as homeless to their local council. Over 750 volunteers also helped our charity shops to raise £1.4 million

Shelter Scotland Volunteer Gathering 2018

In addition, over 30 volunteers attended our first ever Volunteer Gathering in March, providing lots of useful ideas and insights for our new organisational strategy.

No time to volunteer regularly?

You can still have a big impact! We know that lack of time is the main reason why many people are unable to volunteer on a regular basis.

This Volunteers’ Week we are launching our Little Act, Big Impact page, providing lots of ideas to make a big difference in less than an hour! You don’t need to sign up as a volunteer, just take a look at our ideas and decide which one suits you.

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Everybody at Shelter Scotland recognises the value and impact of volunteering. Watch this video to see what one of our staff had to say:

Volunteering obviously has a positive impact on our volunteers too! In our recent annual volunteer survey, 93% of volunteers in our services and head office reported that they were completely satisfied with their overall volunteering experience and nearly a quarter said that volunteering had helped then to gain employment or a qualification.

One of our retail volunteers said:

Volunteering for Shelter has changed my life. When I approached to become a volunteer I hadn't worked for a few years due to suffering with depression and crippling anxiety.…[volunteering] has given me back my confidence, so much so that I was able to apply for full-time paid employment. If it wasn't for Shelter I would be stuck in my house hiding from the world and wouldn’t feel like I am slowly getting my life back on track’

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