Mortgage letter

Letter to send to your mortgage lender

If you are having difficulties paying your mortgage, you should contact your lender at the earliest possible opportunity to arrange an appointment to discuss the situation with them. If you don't want to phone or can't get through to the right person, use this letter to write to your lender instead.

Include your telephone number if you'd like your lender to contact you by phone.

Include how long you have held your mortgage for. For example, six months, four years, over ten years.

Explain any reasons why your are having difficulties.

For example: 'I have recently lost my job or had my hours reduced.' 'My wife/husband/partner has recently lost her/his job or had her/his hours reduced.' 'I have fallen ill and am currently signed off work.'

Include any further information here. For example, if your financial difficulties are only likely to be temporary, you could explain why. Or, if you are able to make reduced payments, you could suggest this here.

Last updated: 9 October 2020