Repairs in private rented accommodation

This section explains your rights if you are a private tenant and your home is in need of repair. Find out who has responsibility for different types of repairs and what you can do if your landlord refuses to carry out repairs.

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Who is responsible for repairs?

Which types of repairs private landlords are responsible for and which are the tenant's responsibility. Your landlord must keep your home up to a level of repair known as the 'repairing standard'.

Getting your landlord to do repairs

If your private rented accommodation needs repairing, let your landlord know as soon as possible. Check how to get your landlord to accept responsibility for repairs.

Getting your letting agent to do repairs

Find out what to do when your letting agent won’t do repairs and know when you can take court action.

Fully Furnished Accomodation

If you rent furnished accommodation, your landlord should replace or mend fittings, furniture and equipment or become unusable or unsafe through everyday wear and tear.

Help from the council's environmental health department

If the state of your home is affecting your health, your local council's environmental health department may be able to help you take action.

While repairs are being done

This page looks at problems which may arise while repairs are being carried out, including what you can do if the repairs are disruptive, or if you have to move out while repairs are being done.

Housing Disrepair - What can I do?

This section explains what you can do if repair work is not carried out properly.

Doing Repairs Yourself - Tenant Responsibilities

What you need to do if you have to arrange for repairs to be carried out yourself. This may be because you are responsible for the damage or because your landlord is refusing to do the repairs.

Last updated: 27 June 2018

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

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