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Policy positions


Whilst official figures show a decline in homeless applications, we know this is an underestimate of the true picture of homelessness in Scotland, and that hidden homelessness remains a huge challenge, with many people living in insecure circumstances such as sofa-surfing and rough sleeping.

The underlying drivers of homelessness need to be addressed, and we need to make sure that the system works for everyone.

Key areas:

  • Understanding the use of temporary accommodation in Scotland
  • Improving the condition and affordability of temporary accommodation
  • Exploring solutions for the growing group of homeless households who experience multiple and complex needs
  • Understanding pathways to homelessness as a key part of prevention
  • The impact of welfare reform on homelessness

Private Rented Sector

The private rented sector is an increasingly common tenure both through choice and necessity. Our policy work seeks to ensure that this is a safe, secure and affordable tenure choice for people.

Key areas:

  • Reforming the private tenancy
  • The regulation of letting agents
  • Changes to the dispute resolution process
  • Improving practice among private landlords through support and if necessary enforcement
  • Enhancing tenant participation in the policy making process
  • Improving access to advice and support for private tenants

Housing Conditions

Everyone deserves to live in a safe, secure and affordable home, regardless of the tenure of their home. Our policy work includes understanding the impact of housing conditions on people, for example the health impacts of living in a cold, damp home, and looking at solutions.

Key areas:

  • Tackling fuel poverty by ensuring all four drivers of fuel poverty are addressed: energy inefficient housing, high fuel costs, low household income, and how energy is used in the home
  • Improving the energy efficiency of homes, including the introduction of a minimum energy efficiency standard to be brought in for private rented properties
  • Highlighting the impact of housing on health and health inequalities and encouraging a cross-sectoral approach to tackling this issue
  • Addressing conditions in temporary accommodation