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  • Relationship breakdown advice

    This section gives advice to help you solve possible housing issues if you are separating from your husband, wife or partner. Your rights depend on several factors so see what your situation means you should do.

  • Get advice

    Free housing and homelessness advice and information, including housing benefits, council housing, tenants' rights, mortgage arrears, repossession, eviction and neighbour problems.

  • Moving on from relationship breakdown

    This page looks at your options if you want or need to leave the family home and move to a new home. It also explains your rights if you find yourself with nowhere to stay.

  • Advice topics: Scotland

    Shelter Scotland has expert housing advice about renting, mortgages and repairs, as well as a range of other housing issues.

  • Families and households

    This section looks at housing issues that can arise when you live with other people. It explains your rights if you share rented accommodation and also your position if your relationship breaks down.

  • Couples or families counselling and mediation

    This page has information on getting couples or family counselling and mediation to help work through your problems.

  • How to prevent or stop an eviction

    Whatever stage eviction proceedings are at, here's what you can do to delay, stop or prevent an eviction if your tenancy is at risk. You may also be able to be rehoused by the council if you are at risk of homelessness.

  • Rights if you rent your home and are splitting up

    What to do if you rent with your partner and your relationship ends. Who has what rights and what to do if your partner is trying to make you leave or moves out.

  • Civil partnerships

    A civil partnership gives same sex couples similar rights to opposite sex couples who are married. This page looks at housing rights for civil partners.

  • Solicitors

    Solicitors can give you detailed advice on your rights and can also represent you in court. This page explains how to get a solicitor and how they can help you.

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