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  • How did you become homeless?

    Before it can offer you permanent accommodation, the council must check whether you deliberately did or didn't do something that resulted in you becoming homeless.

  • Paying the mortgage

    If your partner moves out, you'll need to consider how to pay your mortgage. How you may be able to get help to pay and alternative options.

  • Financial issues if you're leaving domestic abuse

    Many women are reluctant to leave their partners because they don't have the financial resources to support themselves on their own. However, there are ways you can get help.

  • New Supply Shared Equity scheme

    This page explains how the New Supply Shared Equity scheme works, who is eligible to apply and what to do if you're interested in making an application.

  • Financial issues if you break up with your partner

    Financial issues to consider if you break up with your partner, including housing costs and what happens if either of you have any debts, also known as "financial association"

  • Your rights if you or your partner own your home

    If you and/or your partner own your home, your rights will depend on the names on the title deeds and if you are married. This affects your housing rights if your relationship breaks down.

  • Staying in the family home in the short term

    Explains if your partner can evict you if your relationship breaks down. Helps you check if you have the right to return home and short term solutions.

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