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Our housing advice has been changing lives since 1968

At Shelter Scotland we don’t provide houses, but we do provide answers. From homelessness to home owner, we’ve housing advice for everyone.

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Are you homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? I need help

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A Guide to Renting Privately

Access our one-stop resource for people renting from a private landlord or letting agent
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A Guide to Homelessness

Read our guide on your rights and responsibilites and how you can find help.
Homelessness guide

A Guide to Social Tenancies

This guide explains how to go about getting housing from the council or a registered social landlord (a housing association or housing cooperative)
Social Tenancies Guide

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We’re fighting for a Scotland where no one chooses between food and rent, and no one sleeps on the streets. Are you with us? Join our campaign.
It’s a disgrace that people are still homeless in Scotland today.
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