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  • Getting a place

    Leaving home is a big step. This section explains your housing options, both short term and long term, and also looks at things to consider if you're disabled or if you're LGBT.

  • Money matters

    Before you move out, you'll need to work out a budget and plan how you're going to pay for your new home. You may be able to claim benefits to help you.

  • Nightmare landlords

    If your landlord is abusing your rights or breaking the law, you can do something about it. This section explains how you can find out what your rights are and enforce them.

  • Leaving home in a hurry

    Ways to make things easier if you need to leave home in a hurry. Speak to your council's housing department, where you should ask to make a homeless application.

  • Students

    Most students live in university owned accommodation or in privately rented flats. Check how to pay for housing, deal with landlords and what your rights are if you're disabled.

  • Young parents

    If you have a young child and are leaving home for the first time, you'll need to be think about if a new home is suitable for your child, as well as for you. Has

  • Been in care?

    Leaving care and getting your own place is a big step. Your local council has a legal duty to help, and though you may not want people interfering, it's best to make the most of

  • Council problems?

    What you can do if you're having problems with your council. You may be applying for council housing, making a homeless application or claiming housing benefit.

  • Family matters

    Rowing with your family? Fighting with flatmates? Want to move in with your partner but don't know where you stand? This page looks at the issues that can arise when you live with other people.

  • Good neighbours?

    How to be a good neighbour, avoid antisocial behaviour and how you can deal with neighbours who may not be so considerate.

  • Need help right now?

    If everything's going wrong, don't ignore it and hope it'll get better - there are loads of things you can do to sort your situation out.

  • Top 10 questions

    Need expert advice? Read the top 10 questions we get asked here at Shelter, and the answers our advisers have given.

  • Real life stories

    People come across all sorts of obstacles trying to sort their housing problems out, from money troubles and relationship fallouts to nightmare landlords.

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