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Housing laws differ between Scotland and England
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  • Homelessness

    Find out what homelessness is and how it can be avoided, plus how you can get help from the council, what your housing rights are and where to get help if you're sleeping rough.

  • Finding a place to live

    This section provides information about the different housing options available, from council housing, to renting to buying your own home.

  • Renting rights

    If you rent your home rather than owning it, you will have a tenancy. A tenancy is a right to live in a property. There are several different kinds of tenancy, and your rights will

  • Paying for a home

    This section contains information about paying your rent, deposits and information about rent arrears, mortgages, council tax and advice on what to do if you get into debt.

  • Eviction

    Facing eviction from your tenancy by your landlord? If you rent in Scotland from the council, private landlord or RSL find out your tenancy rights.

  • Repossession

    Repossession can often be stopped. Check the repossession procedures and what tenants and partners' rights are and find out about the actual eviction process.

  • Repairs and bad conditions

    Find out how to get repairs carried out in rented and owner-occupied housing and how to improve your accommodation if it's unsuitable for your needs.

  • Families and households

    This section looks at housing issues that can arise when you live with other people. It explains your rights if you share rented accommodation and also your position if your relationship breaks down.

  • Neighbourhood issues

    This section deals with antisocial behaviour, boundary disputes and has information on residents' associations and planning issues.

  • Court action

    How the legal system in Scotland works and how they can help with housing problems. Advice on making a complaint plus information on discrimination and harassment.

  • Information for disabled people

    This section looks at housing issues you may face as a disabled person and explains your rights.

  • Healthy homes

  • Information for landlords

    This section contains essential information for landlords, to help you understand your rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of your tenants.

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