Finding a place to live

This section provides information about the different housing options available, from council housing to buying your own home. It also has information on supported housing, student accommodation and mobile homes, as well as advice for young people leaving home for the first time and a section on moving home.

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England
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  • Why are you looking?

    Whatever the reason you're looking for a new home, there is help for you find out more here.

  • Things to consider

    This section outlines the things you should take into consideration when you're thinking about where you want to live.

  • Renting from the council

    All you need to know about finding a home with your council.

  • Housing associations

    Housing associations offer affordable accommodation. Some specialise in accommodation for specific groups of people and offer support services.

  • Housing cooperatives

    Housing cooperatives are similar to housing associations. This page explains how housing co-ops work and what you need do to apply

  • Renting privately

    Are you thinking of renting from a private landlord or letting agency? Things you should be aware of when looking at properties. tenancy agreements and what you should do before you move into your new

  • Buying a home

    How to buy a home in Scotland. Includes grants that may be available to help you. If you are a council or housing association tenant, you may have the right to buy your home.

  • Shared ownership

    Shared ownership is a property being owned jointly by landlord and tenant. Rules vary, so check your rights and responsibilities. Housing associations might allow you to share ownership of your home.

  • If you have special requirements

    If you need help or adaptations to let you stay in your home, or you're considering moving to a home where you can receive help or that is more suitable for your needs, check what

  • Student accommodation

    When you are offered a place at university or college, you should be sent information about accommodation. If you don't receive anything, call the university's accommodation department.

  • Mobile homes and houseboats

    What you need to consider if you want to buy or rent a mobile home, including a houseboat.

  • Squatting

    Squatting is not an option in Scotland. If you are caught trying to get into someone else's property or living there without permission, you could end up facing criminal and civil action.

  • Leaving home and young people

    Being young and leaving home should be exciting, but it can also be stressful, this section explains what you should be aware of when leaving home.

  • Moving home

    What to do when you move into a new home, including how to end a tenancy, exchange your council or housing association home, and how to sell one property and buy another.

  • Asylum seekers and refugees

    This section provides information on the housing rights of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. It gives advice on how to access support from the UK Border Agency.

  • Gypsies/Travellers

    Talks about Gypsies/Travellers' rights on various sites, including access to pitches and your rights on site. It also looks at settled housing for Gypsies/Travellers and issues surrounding homelessness.

  • Crofts and crofting

    A croft is defined as a unit of agricultural land. What you can do if you're interested in renting or buying a croft. Crofts were traditionally rented but some people have bought a croft, so find out more.

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