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Support for failed asylum seekers

If your claim for asylum fails, you will probably be able to get help and support from the UK Border Agency until it is possible for you to leave the country. The kind of support you receive will depend on your country of origin, whether or not you have children and when you arrived in the UK.

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England
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  • Support if your claim fails

    If you get a letter from the UK Border Agency saying your claim for asylum has failed then get advice immediately. Your asylum support might be stopped and you will have to explore other options.

  • Withdrawal of support

    If the UK Border Agency rejects your claim for asylum and you don't make an appeal against that decision then it will stop providing you with support. This page looks at your options if this

  • Section four support

    If your asylum claim has failed and you can't make any more appeals then you should apply to the UK Border Agency for section four support until it is possible for you to leave the

  • Failed asylum seeking family

    If you have children under the age of 18 and your claim for asylum is rejected, the UK Border Agency will continue to support you and provide you with accommodation.

  • Continued support from the council

    If you are an asylum seeker and you have care needs, your local council must provide you with accommodation and support, this should continue until you leave the country.

  • Turkey and Cyprus

    If your claim for asylum has failed and you are from Turkey, Cyprus or Croatia then you may be able to claim benefits while you are waiting to be removed from the UK.

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