Crofts and crofting

A croft is not a house but a unit of agricultural land.

Traditionally, crofting tenants rent their crofts from a landowner, but some crofters may also have bought their crofts. This means it's now possible to buy a croft, or the tenure of a croft, on the open market. This section looks at what you can do if you're interested in renting or buying a croft.

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  • About crofts and crofting

    This page explains what a croft is, who crofters are and how croft land is used. It also looks at how crofting laws work and what the Crofters Commission does.

  • Becoming a tenant of a croft

    How you can become a crofting tenant. Crofting tenancies can change hands each year. Tenancies do come up on the open market, though most pass between people who know each other.

  • Inheriting a crofting tenancy

    What you need to do if you're left a crofting tenancy in someone's will. The situation will depend on whether the person who left you the tenancy was a member of your family or not.

  • Buying a croft on the open market

    There are around 150 owner-occupied crofts for sale on the open market each year. This page explains how to go about buying a croft and what your rights and responsibilities will be.

  • Getting consent from the Crofting Commission

    What you need to do to get consent from the Crofters Commission, for example, to assign your tenancy. This page also looks at what you can do if you aren't happy with their decision.

  • Useful links for crofters

    This page lists useful websites containing further information for crofters or people interested in becoming crofters.

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