Paying council tax

You may have to pay council tax whether you rent or own your own home. Find out who has to pay, how much council tax you will have to pay and what to do if you fall into arrears.

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  • What is council tax?

    Start here if you're asking what council tax is and what help is available if you cannot afford to pay your council tax bill.

  • Council tax reduction

    Council tax reduction helps you if you are on a low income to pay your council tax bill. Council tax reduction replaced council tax benefit from 1 April 2013.

  • Council tax exemptions

    If you have an council tax exemption then you don't need to pay your council tax. Find out if you are eligible for a council tax exemption here.

  • Council tax discounts

    You might get a discount on your council tax bill if you live alone or live with someone who is exempt from paying council tax. Find out more about getting a council tax discount and

  • Council tax and disabled people

    You could get a reduction in your council tax bill if you have a disability. Find out what council tax reductions are available for people with disabilities.

  • Council tax arrears

    Find out what to do if you are having difficulty paying council tax and the steps the council can take to get unpaid council tax.

  • Council tax appeals

    If your council tax bill is wrong then you can appeal how much council tax you need to pay. Find out more about how to appeal your council tax bill with your council.

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