Rent arrears

If you have rent arrears, your landlord could take legal action to have you evicted from your home. This section looks at different ways to deal with your rent arrears and avoid eviction.

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  • Dealing with rent arrears

    It is important to act quickly if you have rent arrears, to prevent your rent arrears getting bigger and to avoid your landlord trying to evict you. This page tells you what to do if

  • Debt Arrangement Scheme

    To help pay off your rent arrears you might be able to apply for a debt payment programme under the Debt Arrangement Scheme. Find out about the Debt Arrangement Scheme here.

  • Deductions from benefits

    If you get income support, JSA, employment and support allowance or pension credit and you have rent arrears, payments towards your arrears can be deducted directly from your benefit.

  • Rent arrears and housing benefit

    Problems with your claim for housing benefit can lead to rent arrears. Find out what you can do if you are in this situation.

  • Eviction because of rent arrears

    If you don't make sufficient payments towards your rent arrears, your landlord can try to evict you.They must follow legal procedures,which are dependant on your tenancy type.

  • Time to pay directions

    A time to pay direction allows you to pay off a debt in instalments or in a lump sum at a later date. It stops creditors from taking further action. Find out more about time

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