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Project overview

Shelter Scotland and Aberdeen City Council Homelessness Services are working to prevent homelessness by providing independent housing advice and assistance to people in Aberdeen. Shelter Scotland recognises that people who are behind with their rent or mortgage payments often have other difficulties, for example you may have lost your job, split up from a partner or find it hard to deal with official forms and notices.

The Aberdeen project has three aims:

  • To prevent homelessness through the provision of information, advice, advocacy and training.
  • To reduce future homelessness by providing comment and information on strategic and service development within Aberdeen City.
  • To reflect the needs of service users in the development of strategy and services.

This is how we do it

The project team currently consists of two Housing Advice Workers and one Money and Debt Adviser. These are some of the situations you might be in that we can help with:

  • You are in danger of losing your tenancy
  • You are threatened with eviction or have rent arrears
  • You are unsure of your housing rights
  • You might have received a Notice to Quit, court papers or already have an eviction date
  • You may find it difficult to cope in your current home due to episodes of personal crisis, a lack of support, or problems with neighbours
  • Your landlord or mortgage lender is taking action against you for arrears
  • You are being taken to court to repossess your home
  • You are on benefits or a low income and are struggling to pay your housing costs
  • You may have money worries such as paying the household bills or credit card bills
  • You are worried about credit agreements you have signed.

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