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We live in one of the richest countries in the world, yet not everyone has a place they can call home.

Our current campaigns

Manifesto for Homes

Manifesto for homes

Shelter Scotland has launched a Manifesto for Homes ahead of the 2016 Holyrood election to make sure housing is high on the political agenda. We’re asking all politicians to put housing at the heart of this country’s political debate in the run up to the election and beyond.

Make Renting Right

Why we campaign

This campaign has successfully come to an end. It has helped to create a safer, more secure and flexible private rented sector. Thanks to all the support we have received from the public, politicians and organisations.

Make Renting Right

Voter Registration

Voter Registration

Registering to vote gives people the opportunity to have their say on a range of issues which may be important to them.

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We help over a million people a year struggling with bad housing or homelessness - and we campaign to prevent it in the first place. You can be part of that change.

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Five reasons to be a campaigner

  • We are in a Housing Crisis
  • Every 18 minutes a household in Scotland is assessed as homeless
  • The average house price in Scotland rose by 75% since 2003
  • The private rented sector has doubled in size in the past 10 years
  • We believe the housing safety net in the UK is vital

Why we campaign

Why we campaign

It is our job to find out where there are housing and homelessness issues across Scotland and to identify solutions. We campaign for change across the whole of Scotland.

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Our successes


We have been campaigning for the past 45 years in Scotland to help achieve our vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone. Here are some of our successes.

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