Raise money

  • Raise money at school

    We need your help to make this our biggest fundraising year yet, so we can help more children and families find a safe place to call home.

  • Organise your own event

    If you want to organise your own activity or event for Shelter, please download a copy of our Fundraising Guide. It features everything you need to know to make your day a success.

  • Raise money with your faith group

    Faith groups have long provided invaluable support for Shelter Scotland's work.

  • Raise money at work

    Include your colleagues - and your boss - in fundraising or volunteering for Shelter.

  • Mobile recycling scheme

    Shelter are working with Foneclub to provide schools with free mobile recycling kits.

  • Raise money at university

    Fundraise for Shelter through your Rag and we’ll provide you with fantastic support, including a fundraising guide and all the materials you’ll need.

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