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  • Top 10 questions

    Need expert advice? Read the top 10 questions we get asked here at Shelter, and the answers our advisers have given.

  • Leaving home in a hurry

    Ways to make things easier if you need to leave home in a hurry. Speak to your council's housing department, where you should ask to make a homeless application.

  • Antisocial behaviour

    What you can do about anti social behaviour if you are having problems in your area. If your neighbours are complaining about you, this section will help you to work out where you stand.

  • Advice finder

    Advice finder. Use this directory to find local advice services that can help you in person. ... Whatever your problem, getting advice might help you solve it. An adviser can:.

  • Renting rights

    If you rent your home rather than owning it, you will have a tenancy. A tenancy is a right to live in a property. There are several different kinds of tenancy, and your rights will depend on which kind you have. In this section you can find out which tenancy you have and what rights this gives you.

  • Eviction of private tenants

    Check the eviction process private landlords must follow to evict you from your tenancy. For assured tenants, short assured tenants and regulated tenants.

  • Where to get help and housing advice near you

    Access help and legal advice if you are worried about your home and live in Scotland. Discover organisations who offer advice services for free or at low cost.Get advice in person and by phone.

  • Living together

    If you live with a partner your rights depend on if you rent or own your home and if you are married or in a civil partnership. There's no common law marriage in Scotland.

  • Advice topics: Scotland

    Shelter Scotland has expert housing advice about renting, mortgages and repairs, as well as a range of other housing issues.

  • Glossary

    Use our glossary to find the meaning of common technical terms in housing, homelessness and more

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