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  • Occupancy rights if you or your partner own your home

    This page explains your rights when you split up from your wife, husband or partner and one of you owns the property.

  • Rights if you or your partner own your home

    What to do if you and/or your partner own your home and your relationship breaks down. Who has rights to stay in the home, selling the home and who is responsible for the mortgage.

  • Application for transfer of tenancy

    If your partner moves out, you might get the tenancy put into your name. How this works and what if your partner doesn't agree to this.

  • Civil partnerships

    A civil partnership gives same sex couples similar rights to opposite sex couples who are married. This page looks at housing rights for civil partners.

  • Help with housing costs

    If your partner moves out, you may need help to cope with paying the bills, household expenses and rent or mortgage on your own.

  • Mortgage to rent scheme

    If you are at risk of repossession, a mortgage to rent scheme could allow you to remain in your home as a tenant. This page explains how mortgage to rent schemes work and who is eligible to apply.

  • Staying in the family home in the long term

    Your options if you and your ex-partner decide not to sell the family home and need to decide who will stay.

  • Things to think about when you split up from a partner

    Separating from your partner is never going to be easy. You will find yourself faced with a lot of practical and potentially distressing decisions about your home, finances and your children.

  • Selling the family home

    If you and your partner split up, you might want to sell your home. Your rights to sell or receive a share depend on your relationship and who owns the home.

  • Agreements when living together

    Moving in with a partner is a big step. This page looks at things you need to think about. It's important to know what your housing rights are so you're prepared.

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