The housing and homelessness charity

Shelter Scotland / England

Why campaign?

We help over half a million people a year struggling with bad housing or homelessness – and we campaign to prevent it in the first place. You can be part of that change.

Who we are

We speak out with and on behalf of homeless and badly housed people across Scotland by campaigning for housing justice – and we couldn't do it without you!

We will strive every day to give people the help they need and campaign relentlessly to achieve our vision of a home for everyone. We are not afraid to set the agenda or challenge the status quo. We want to make an impact and we will make sure our voice, and the voice of those we help, is heard.

We do this by campaigning across Scotland on the housing issues that matter. We campaign across all 32 councils in Scotland and nationally, lobbying and working with the Scottish Parliament for positive changes.

Why campaign with us?

It is our job to find out where there are housing and homelessness issues across Scotland and to identify solutions. We campaign for change across the whole of Scotland – ultimately our goal is that everyone in Scotland has a safe, secure and affordable home.

Your voice is vital to our campaigns. Every time you sign a petition, tweet our campaign message, contact your MSP, join us on the street or share a campaign on Facebook - you strengthen our voice.

What we do

  • Campaign on the street

    Campaign on the street

  • Influence politicians

    Influence polititians

  • Talk to the media

    Get our message out across the media

  • Work with our clients

     Work with our clients

  • Engage with the public

    Get public support for our asks