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The Living Homes Standard

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It’s a disgrace that 50 years on from when we were founded we STILL have a housing divide in Scotland.

  • New research reveals that 1 in 3 homes in Scotland do not meet the ground breaking Living Home Standard, which was created by the public for the public.
  • There is still a stark housing divide in Scotland which must be tackled urgently.
  • Young people, families with children, renters and people on low incomes, are most likely to live in homes that don't meet this standard.

People in Scotland were asked whether their home met the Living Home Standard which is based on 5 areas:


Affordability was one of the top reasons for failing the Living Home Standard.

82% of homes are affordable

18% of homes are not affordable

Decent conditions

Along with affordability, more homes in Scotland fell short of the Standard on conditions than any other aspect of an acceptable home.

82% of homes have decent conditions

18% of homes do not have good conditions


Adequate space was felt to be crucial for wellbeing, especially mental and social wellbeing.

92% of homes have adequate space to live in

8% of homes do not adequate space to live in


Discussions around stability often referenced the extent to which people felt able to make the place they lived in a 'home'.

94% of homes had enough stability

6% of homes did not have enough stability


Living in an area where they felt safe and secure was particularly important to the public. They also wanted to be close enough to work, family and friends, and the services they need.

97% of homes were in a suitable neighbourhood

3% of homes were not in a suitable neighbourhood

1 in 3
homes in Scotland


the Living Home Standard

To create a fairer Scotland we need to urgently tackle the housing divide. We must address:

  • Not just how many homes, but how those homes are within reach of those who most need them.

  • Not just better standards, but how those standards are delivered on the ground.

  • Not just better legal protection, but how that empowers people to insist on their housing rights being met.

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