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Together, we can help people find a safe home

As lockdown eases and we all adjust to the new normal, it’s more important than ever to have a safe place to call home. But for so many, from the people stuck living in unsafe conditions putting their loved ones at risk to those with no choice but to sleep on the streets, that just isn’t reality.

Our staff continue to work tirelessly to answer the increasing number of calls we’re receiving from people in need of our help. And they’ve seen it all – from children forced to live away from their parents due to their poor housing to people sleeping in tents and cars because there’s just nowhere else to go.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Join the fight against homelessness and help us be there for everyone who needs our help.

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Homelessness can happen to anyone

When Shelter Scotland adviser Laura picked up a call from a 20-year-old university student undergoing chemotherapy, she was shocked to hear that the council did not treat him as a priority. His condition meant that his student accommodation was unsafe, and without a stable home, he couldn’t get the help he desperately needed.

Even though he had read up on his rights, Laura’s support was invaluable. The two worked together, contacting the council until they understood his needs and gave him priority status.

The support Laura and her colleagues are able to give to people facing homelessness is crucial. It can be the difference between having a safe place to call home or sleeping on the streets. Please give what you can to help us continue our vital work and help bring an end to homelessness.

Your donation will be used where it is most needed to help people struggling with bad housing and homelessness. This means it may not just be used to fund our COVID-19 response, but could support any of our important work.

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Shelter helpline adviser Laura is seen wearing a headset to take calls from people facing homelessness and housing issues.

It was sad for me to see someone so young, who has been through so much, have to manoeuvre and struggle through the homelessness process. I was glad to be able to support him.


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