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This winter, your support can help give thousands of people facing homelessness and unsafe housing the urgent support, security and hope they need in the cold weeks ahead.


We exist to defend the right to a safe home. Join us in ending the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and our communities.

The housing emergency is impacting 1.5 million people in Scotland

Overcrowding, poor conditions, sky-high rents, instability and discrimination - the housing emergency is more than just rough sleeping. 

Help fund the fight for housing justice

You're not just donating, you're making the system fairer.


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Change only happens when you get involved.

A defiant man sits in a wheelchair in the entrance to a block of flats

Your voice is vital to the success of our campaigning.

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A card with a rainbow interpretation of The Kelpies sculpture by Andy Scott against a starry background.

Christmas cards and gifts that help end housing injustice.

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Volunteer today and fight for a fairer housing system.


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There's so much you can do locally and nationally to build a fairer housing system.

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