Housing advice

Shelter Scotland provides advice, support and legal services.

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    Homeless or nowhere safe to stay

    The council must help if you’re homeless. You do not have to be living on the streets to get help.


    Your landlord must follow a strict legal process to evict you. In some cases, you can stop or delay the eviction.

    Finding a home

    Check how to apply for social housing, find a private rented home, or buy a home.

    Renting rights

    If you rent your home, your rights depend on the type of tenancy you have.


    You and your landlord have responsibilities around repairs. Check what to do if your landlord will not do repairs.

    Housing costs and money help

    We have advice about benefits, debt, deposits, and other money issues.

    Complaints and going to court

    Your housing rights are written in law. If you are being treated unfairly you can make complaints or take court action to put it right.

    Relationship breakdown and domestic abuse

    You have rights and options if you're experiencing a relationship breakdown or domestic abuse.

    Letter templates

    Sample letters to solve problems with housing issues.

    Family, flatmates and neighbours

    Check your rights when you live with other people or if you have problems in your neighbourhood.

    The rent cap and eviction ban

    Check your housing rights in the cost of living crisis.

    Mortgage repossession

    There’s a strict process your lender must follow before they can repossess your home.

    Your responsibilities if you're a private landlord

    Your legal responsibilities include landlord registration, deposit protection and repairs.

    We’re here for everyone, but only with your support