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Social housing ends homelessness

Council leaders pledge to build social housing

Together we campaigned to demand that council leaders pledge to build social housing

What was the problem?

Right across Scotland, thousands of families are homeless and trapped in temporary accommodation – some of them for months, even years. That’s 9,595 children without a permanent home.

The effects of waiting for a place to call home are shattering. Learning is disrupted. Family life is strained. Health and job prospects can be ruined. And in the face of a growing cost-of-living crisis, the problem will only worsen. More and more people are being pushed into poverty, often having to choose whether they pay rent or keep themselves warm.

Only safe, affordable and permanent social housing can make the difference.

What did we do about it?

Ahead of local elections in 2022, we raised our voices to say that when it comes to ending homelessness, our council leaders should be bricking it.

People across the country led the campaign by signing our petitions and campaigning on the streets to demand that councils build the social homes they’ve already planned, and listen to us telling them to get on with it.

What have we achieved together?

Thanks to the collective pressure of more than 12,300 people across Scotland, city leaders from across the political divide pledged to build social housing. A huge win!

But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the story. With you by our side we’ll keep the pressure on to make sure those who have pledged to build are held to account and stick to their promises.

Social housing ends homelessness

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