Social housing ends homelessness

We think our council leaders should be bricking it.

Why? Because only social housing can end homelessness in Scotland. And they’re just not keeping their promises to build it.

Will you demand that council leaders pledge to build social housing?

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Together we can make sure our council leaders finally commit to building safe and permanent social homes, to lift children stuck in temporary accommodation in Scotland out of homelessness.

Take action for Scotland

Scotland has a housing emergency. Its leaders can help end it by building social housing. Let’s raise our voices and demand that in our future they prioritise the urgent building of social housing.

What we're fighting for

Right across Scotland, thousands of families are homeless and trapped in temporary accommodation – some of them for months, even years. That’s 7,510 children without a home across the country. Our councils can’t ignore this housing emergency any longer.

The effects of waiting for a place to call home are shattering. Learning is disrupted. Family life is strained. Health and job prospects can be ruined. And in the face of a growing cost-of-living crisis, the problem will only worsen. More and more people are being pushed into poverty, often having to choose whether they pay rent or keep themselves warm.

It’s time to raise our voices and remind our leaders that they already have a plan to build safe, affordable, permanent social housing. Now they just need to get on with it.

Other ways to get involved

You can support this campaign by writing to your local council leaders, signing our petitions or becoming a Housing Rights Defender. Your voice is powerful.

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The housing emergency