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We are rallying the country to end the housing emergency - and this is only the start. With your help, we'll empower private renters, ensure more social homes are built, and be there for anyone fighting housing injustice.

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This is a housing emergency

1.5 million of us are living in homes that are unaffordable, unfit or unsafe. We shouldn’t have to feel trapped in homes that can be damaging our health.

Home is everything

Home is a fundamental human need and a basic moral right. Without that foundation, it’s impossible for people and communities to thrive. That’s why we need you to join us and fight for home.

Fight for home

For every family crammed into a tiny bedsit. For every child growing up in a home rife with toxic mould. For every stressed-out renter, sofa-surfer, and evicted pensioner. And for every single person being failed by a broken system.


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