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Withdrawal of support after a positive decision

If the UK Border Agency gives you leave to remain in the UK then you can no longer be classed as an asylum seeker. This means that it will not provide you with financial support or accommodation any more. This page looks at your rights, and how you can find yourself a new home.

Will the UK Border Agency stop supporting me?

If you have been receiving support from the UK Border Agency and have now been granted leave to remain in the UK, the Agency will stop supporting you. It can stop your financial support 28 days after you are told that your claim for asylum has succeeded.

If your claim for asylum succeeded on appeal then the UK Border Agency can stop giving you financial support 28 days after you are told that your appeal has succeeded.

You will also be told to leave your accommodation. You must be given at least 10 days' notice before you are made to leave and you must not be made to leave before your financial support has stopped.

Try not to panic. There are other ways of accessing support and finding somewhere to live. There are also many organisations that can offer you advice and assistance to help get you on your feet.

What should I do?

First of all, get in touch with an organisation that can offer you advice on the best way to find accommodation, such as Positive Action in Housing or the Scottish Refugee Council (SRC). You should also consider approaching your council in order or make a homeless application.

What are my rights?

Because you have been granted leave to remain in the UK, your rights will be very much the same as those of a UK citizen. This means that you can look for work, claim housing benefit and other benefits and find your own home.

This new independence can be a welcome change after months or even years of being supported by the UK Border Agency. However, it does mean you'll have to think about things that you didn't need to worry about before, such as finding a job, claiming benefits and looking for somewhere to live.

The Scottish Refugee Council runs a 12-month programme, known as the Refugee Integration Service (RIS), geared towards helping people that have recently been granted leave to remain in the UK settle into their new lives.

In addition, you may be eligible for an integration loan.

How can I find a home?

If you have nowhere to stay once you have been granted leave to remain then your best bet might be to make an application for homelessness assistance with your local council. In most cases the council will have a duty to find you a home either permanently or until you can find somewhere to live for yourself.

Other options open to you include finding private rented accommodation, making an application to a housing association or buying your own home.

For more information on what your options are you should see the section on finding a place to live.

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