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Telling the UK Border Agency about change of circumstances

It is important that you tell the UK Border Agency about any major events or changes that happen in your life or the life of anyone else in your family.

Telling the UK Border Agency about changes

It is essential that the UK Border Agency has up-to-date information about you. Any changes in your circumstances may affect the support you receive and the way in which the UK Border Agency provides it. Therefore it is your legal duty to tell the UK Border Agency about any major changes in your or your family's situation.

What changes do I have to tell the UK Border Agency about?

You have to tell the UK Border Agency as soon as possible if you or a member of your family:

  • get married, divorced, separated or start to live with someone as if married to that person
  • leave school
  • become pregnant or have a child
  • change your name
  • move to a different address
  • go to hospital or prison
  • leave the UK.

You also have to inform the UK Border Agency if you get access to any money or property that you have not already told them about, for example, if a charity gives you some money.

Contacting the UK Border Agency

You must contact the UK Border Agency directly with this information. If you are worried about contacting the UK Border Agency, you can ask the Scottish Refugee Council for assistance.

What will happen if I don't tell the UK Border Agency about these changes?

If you don't inform the UK Border Agency of changes in your situation, it may stop your support, and you could be charged with a criminal offence. You may also have to pay back some or all of the support that you have received from the Agency.

The UK Border Agency are stopping my support

If the UK Border Agency tells you that it is going to stop your support then you should get in touch with the Scottish Refugee Council or your solicitor straight away. For more information see the page on withdrawal of support.

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