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Before taking court action over repairs

Before taking your landlord to court over repairs, make sure you have exhausted every other possibility.

Taking court action can be complicated and sometimes slow. It can also be expensive; check to see if you are entitled to legal aid to help pay your legal costs. Court action should always be a last resort, and you should only consider it if:

  • you have already tried all the other options, such as contacting the council if you are a private tenant or complaining to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman if you are a council tenant
  • you are aware of your tenancy rights and the possible consequences of court action (you can check your tenancy type - if your landlord can evict you easily, you may not wish to take court action), or
  • you don't mind if your landlord doesn't renew your tenancy, and
  • you can afford it.

Get advice from Citizens Advice or a solicitor at a law centre or independent firm before making any decisions.

Scotland map Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.
This content applies to Scotland only.
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