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Other online checkers

This page contains links to other useful online checkers and tools, which can help you work out a budget and check whether or not you're entitled to benefits and tax credits, find out how much you can borrow for a mortgage and how you can save on energy.

Working out a budget

Money Made Clear budget calculator >
This quick and easy budget planner from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) can be completed in just five minutes.

MoneySavingExpert budget planner >
This detailed budget planner allows you to work out how much you spend weekly, monthly and annually on everything from food and drink to holidays and Christmas presents. If you're struggling to make ends meet, or simply want to work out whether or not you can afford a holiday, working out a budget is the best way to sort out your spending.

Statement of affairs calculator >
This budget calculator, from the debt advice website the Motley Fool, is not as comprehensive as the MoneySavingExpert planner, but provides a good way of assessing your debt situation. The results can easily be printed out to show to a money adviser.

UCAS budget calculator >
This calculator from the UCAS is designed to help students work out a budget.

£2 Credit Reports

You can find out about your credit history easily and cheaply from these websites:

Callcredit - Online Statutory Credit Report >

Equifax - £2 Statutory Credit Report >

Experian - £2 Statutory Credit Report >

Benefit and tax credit entitlement

Entitledto >
Entitledto is a simple calculator that can help you work out which benefits you can apply for and how much you might get.

HMRC tax credit checker >
HM Revenue and Customs has created this online questionnaire to help you work out whether or not you're entitled to tax credits.

Turn2us >
The Turn2us website includes a useful benefit checker that can help you work out what you may be able to claim.


Child maintenance calculator >
This calculator gives you an idea of how much child maintenance you may be asked to pay or might expect to receive based on the rules for the current scheme.

Parenting budget builder >
The FSA produces a range of calculators that can help you work out how your income will be affected if you have a baby and how much it's likely to cost to raise a family.


Council of Mortgage Lenders mortgage calculator >
This simple calculator helps you work out how much your monthly repayments are likely to be, depending on the size of your mortgage.

Money Made Clear mortgage calculator >
The FSA's mortgage calculator shows you how much your monthly mortgage repayments are likely to be. This can help you estimate the size of mortgage you can afford at a particular interest rate.

Motley Fool mortgage calculator >
This calculator allows you to work out how much you're likely to be able to borrow based on your income and the amount of deposit you can pay.

Legal aid

Scottish Legal Aid Board eligibility calculator >
If you need advice from a solicitor, this calculator helps you work out whether you're likely to qualify financially for advice and assistance in either civil, criminal or children's cases.

Energy efficiency

World Wildlife Fund carbon footprint calculator >
Work out how your lifestyle is affecting the environment, and get tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint with this calculator from the WWF.

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