Downloads and tools

This section contains links to all the downloads and tools available in Shelter's housing advice pages, including sample letters, flowcharts, checklists and online assessments.

Homelessness letter

This tool helps you generate a letter to take with you when you go to the council to make a homeless application.

Repair complaint letter

If you have asked your landlord to carry out repair work but they have not done so, use this letter to let them know that you are unhappy with the situation and need the work to be done.

Mortgage letter

Use this tool to generate a letter to send to your lender if you are struggling to pay your mortgage.

Other template letters

Letters to help you with claiming housing benefit, deposits, repairs, mortgage arrears and making a homeless application to your council.

Online checkers

Our quick and easy online assessment tools can help you work out your housing rights.


Loads to think about? Don't forget the essentials.


Baffled by the law? Get a visual overview.

Documents for rented properties

Download the Shelter Scotland template inventory, rent book and lodger agreement.

Repairs letter

It's up to you to let your landlord know if any repairs are required in your rented accommodation. Use this tool to generate a letter to send to your landlord asking them to carry out repair work.

Last updated: 12 October 2020

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

This content applies to Scotland only.

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