Going to court over an eviction order

What happens if your landlord applies to the sheriff court for an eviction order. Pages on summons from the court, what happens in eviction court, whats happens if you are a no show to court and decisions the court can make - what can delay or stop your eviction.

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The summons

What to do if you get a summons. A summons is what you will be sent by a sheriff court if your landlord has asked for a court order for your eviction.

Getting help at court

If your landlord goes to court to evict you, it's important that someone at the hearing speaks on your behalf. Check who can do this and find a representative.

The sheriff court

The sheriff court hears cases about repossessions, debts and small claims. Find out what powers the sheriff court has and what it's like in court.

What happens in court at an eviction hearing?

What happens during an eviction hearing and what you can expect if you have to go to the sheriff court about a court order for eviction.

What can I do if a court decree is granted?

If there was no-one to represent you when a sheriff granted an eviction order, you may get your case heard again and the decision changed. Check your rights even if you were represented.

Last updated: 9 April 2018

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