Domestic violence and abuse help

This section explains how to tackle the housing and homelessness issues connected to domestic violence and abuse: how to find yourself somewhere new to live if you need to leave your home, what to do if you become homeless as a result of domestic abuse and how to exclude the abusive partner from your home. It also contains links to organisations and things such as domestic abuse helplines that can help you.

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What is domestic abuse in Scotland?

Domestic abuse is when someone close to you behaves in a way that inflicts physical, mental or emotional damage. There is more to domestic abuse than physical violence.

Leaving domestic abuse

Domestic abuse leaves people feeling vulnerable. Many feel unable to escape because of financial concerns, and believe they have nowhere safe to go. But there are options - find out more.

Women's Refuges

If you leave home due to domestic abuse or threats, you may stay at a women's refuge. If you just need time away to think about your options a refuge might help.

Financial issues if you're leaving domestic abuse

Many women are reluctant to leave their partners because they don't have the financial resources to support themselves on their own. However, there are ways you can get help.

Making your partner leave

You may be able to make your partner leave your home. This will depend on your housing rights. Remember, if you are in danger, you can always call the police on 999.

Taking legal action

If you and your partner cannot resolve your housing issues, you may have to go to court. What you need to do before considering court action, and how you can pay for it.

Emergency housing after domestic violence

If you become homeless from domestic abuse, you can get emergency housing help from a local council, or from another council. You don't have to be roofless to be homeless - you may be staying with friends.

Domestic violence and abuse against men

Men can also become victims of domestic violence and abuse from their partners. The statutory and legal remedies open to women wishing to escape an abusive relationship apply equally to men.

Where to get help if you're experiencing domestic abuse

This page contains information on and links to organisations that can help women and men undergoing violence or abuse at home.

Last updated: 26 June 2017

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

This content applies to Scotland only.

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