Applying for a Community Care Grant

You can apply for a Community Care Grant if you’re on a low income and need extra money to live independently. You do not need to pay anything back.

Check if you can get a Community Care Grant

The grant can help you live independently. You may be able to get a grant if you’re:

  • moving into a new home after being homeless

  • leaving care or remaining out of care

  • leaving prison

  • leaving domestic abuse

You’re eligible if you’re 16 or over, and on a low income. You do not have to be getting any benefits to receive a grant.

What you can use the grant for

The grant can pay for things like:

  • clothing, furniture and bedding

  • white goods for your home, such as a fridge or washing machine

  • connection costs for utilities, like gas and electricity

  • costs of moving home

  • costs of getting a new job

  • certain travel costs - such as travelling to a hospital to visit someone

Usually you will get the things you need rather than money.

You cannot use the grant for rent or a deposit.

How to apply for a grant

Apply for the grant through your local council.

Check where to apply on

Most councils will tell you their decision within 15 days. If it’ll take longer, the council should tell you when you apply.

If your application is refused

You can ask the council to review their decision. You should:

  • write to the council within 20 days of the decision

  • explain why you think their decision was wrong

  • send the letter to the address on your decision letter

The council should let you know the outcome of the review within 15 days.

If you need help getting a review, contact a benefits adviser at Citizens Advice.

Alternatives to the grant

If you need money for essentials in an emergency, apply for a crisis grant.

If you’re getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and need help with rent or a deposit, apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment.

There may be other charitable grants available. Use Turn2Us to search for grants in your area.

If you get certain benefits and need help with unexpected costs, you can apply for a budgeting loan or budgeting advance. Because these are loans, you'll need to pay the money back.

Last updated: 4 October 2022

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